How to make All Time Favorite Gift Hamper At Home

How to make All Time Favorite Gift Hamper At Home

A gift hamper is always an important addition for the special occasion of your dearest ones. It shows how much love and respect you keep for them. If you are having a long circle of friends and relatives, it is very difficult for you to purchase a gift hamper for every time. When you go for gift offline and online you simply waste lots of money. I have one of the best homemade hamper suggestion for you which can be the best money saving solution for every individual.

Paper Flower Bouquet

Easiest and most simple yet special gift hamper is flower bouquet. Handmade hampers are always precious because, it is filled with love and respect towards the person whom you are gifting the hamper. I have a unique idea for you, a paper flower bouquet. For bouquet you need 12 flowers for flower bouquet. Material needed for this flower paper flower bouquet is as follows:-

  • Crepe paper
  • Wired flower leaves (From store)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Green floral wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Green Floral tape
  • Cut Petals: – Cut the crepe paper in the shape of petals. Cut it directly from roll to save the time. You can bring crepe paper in your desired color. As we all know every color have their own message. I brought pink crepe paper that show respect and regard our loved ones.
  • Arrange the Wire: – cut the crepe paper in a small piece and make it in a triangle shape. Now fold the paper on the top of green floral wire just like shown in first image below. After that the wire with green floral tape as shown below in inage2.
  • Add Petal and Make More Flowers: – keep adding crepe paper to the bud and bind it with floral tape to the base each time. Repeats this procedure as many times you can, it would help you to improve the fullness of rose. Keep making paper flower with following step one to three until you desired floweret not achieved.
  • Formation Bouquet: – Now twist the wired leaves on to each flower one by one. Arrange the bundle of flower together and cover it well by floral tape. After that use wire cutter to cut the extra floral wire.
  • Add Ribbon: – Wrap the ribbon around bouquet bundle to cover the floral tape.

I made this hamper several times with different flower arrangement. My friends and family still keep my gifts with them. Whenever, I pay visit to their house I feel happy to see that my hamper is still there to remind me the moment. If you want to make someone feel special and don’t want to waste money in gift hamper online and offline then, this is a best option for you. It just need little bit of creativity and labor. In case you want to arrange your house with artificial flowers, I would suggest you to go with this. In case you are worry about flower pot order online in case you are worry about flower pot place online delivery. The most important thing about paper flower is that, you can keep it for long time until and unless it won’t `get grubby. Bring your choice of flower pot and arrange the flowers in that.

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